Call for abstracts

We invite prospective participants to submit abstracts for poster presentations at this conference. Please read through Submission guidelines before submitting your abstract.


Submission guidelines:

- Before submitting, you have to register as a user.

- The submission should be all in one file in the format of Microsoft Word. The text should be single-spaced using an 11-point font. Authors, affiliations, illustrations, figures, and tables should be placed within the text.

- We recommend to include the following sections in the abstract:

*Introduction: Why this study has performed and what are the unsolved problems?
*Methods: Describe your approaches to solve the problem
*Results: Demonstrate your results and finding
*Discussion: Interpret the results, discuss the relevance to health and medical applications
*References: Cite each source in numerical order using superscript Arabic numerals (1, 2,…)

- The following word limits applies:

*Title: 130 characters
*Main text: 400 words (references not included)
*Figures: Up to 3 figures
*Abstracts are limited to three pages in length, including all figures, tables, and references. 
*Font size should be no smaller than 11 pt for the main text and 9 pt for figure caption.

- Under the tab Prepare: Choose Monograph as Submission Type.

- Under the tab Catalog you may omit the section Abstract if you make your submission in one single file. Then enter the words "See submission file" in this section.

- When you come to the tab Confirmation it may take a few minutes before your submission are sent.

Evaluation and review criteria

The abstracts will be evaluated by the program committee of the hAIst conference. Abstracts will be assessed by overall score, aiming to assist the committee to accept and sort abstracts into scientific sessions. The overall score is scaled as follows started by top scored: speed presentation poster, traditional poster, and rejection.

Publication of abstracts

The abstracts will be published electronically only, in the archive UiS Scholarly Publishing Services. The full text of all accepted abstracts will be available online a week ahead of the meeting. All submitted abstracts are treated as confidential from the time of submission to the publication date.